Earlier this week, the long awaited Instagram for Android app arrived for users of Google’s mobile operating system. It was an app that had been rumored for quite so time so it was exciting to finally see it roll out. Over the course of the week though, we’ve heard from several Android users who were reporting that application was crashing on their device or giving “Photo too small error. Instagram acknowledged this  and posted this on their website Yesterday:

Photo is too small error (Android only)

Update 4 April: This bug has been fixed in V1.0.3. Please update to the latest version of the app.If you are receiving a “Photo is too small” error message, you may be attempting to upload an image below our current resolution limit. We are taking steps to resolve this issue and plan to have a fix out soon.

We are also aware of an issue where cropping the image too small results in this error. We’re working on a fix for this bug. If you’d like to help us troubleshoot the issue, please email us the original file of your image and let us know what type of Android device you’re using.
In order to avoid this issue, we suggest the following:
  • Take profile pictures with your primary outward-facing camera (not the front-facing camera)
  • When importing photos from your gallery, do not crop the images too small
  • Check that your camera’s resolution is set to the highest resolution possible
Further, please verify that your device is supported by Instagram here. Specifically, note that Android devices must support OpenGL ES 2 to run Instagram, as that’s the technology that powers Instagram’s filters.
But good news this morning is that Instagram has rolled out a bug fix update so you are advised to go to your App Instagram and do an update or just uninstall and re install the App.