Netflix is a major competitor to cable TV but the best way for the two is to make a deal. Cable TV is a $100 billion business and Netflix can be a serious dent in that.

At $8 per month it’s hard to beat their streaming content of new and old movies and shows. The big deal so far has been their access on gaming consoles. People have been watching movies through their gaming consoles more than any other medium.

Buying Netflix would be a way for the cable channels to regain a lot of lost viewers who opted to use the internet instead. A deal is imminent while both parties have a need.

Netflix has had to cut their prices and lower their level of service which caused shares to plummet late last year. Apart from gaming consoles, most of Netflix’s subscriber growth was generated from their device apps. With the swift adoption of newer tablets and mobile devices, Netflix is available for consumption in many forms.

Cable TV would be the next phase if a company like Time Warner or HBO makes an offer.