Streamzoo Android appFor quite some time now, Everybody has been waiting for Instagram to be released on the Android Market. The app has accumulated massive user base on the iPhone and like most iPhone apps, We expect to have the same for Android phones. Although the folks at Instagram has expressed intent of making its app available on the Android platform, this has remained to be a promise up to now. So, in the meantime Android users who have been clamoring for this app had no choice but to continue waiting, while others continue to search for a similar app.

The good news for you. The wait for an Instagram-like app for Android is finally over. It has arrived. In fact, it has been in the Android Market for almost a year now. Where was I when this was announced, anyway? The app We talking about is “Streamzoo“. Its a photo-sharing app with all the cool features of Instagram plus other features unique to itself.

After using the app for more than a week now, I will have to say that Instagram needs to move faster.  Otherwise, by the time Instagram releases an Android version, Streamzoo might have already captured a big chunk of Android users who are into photo-sharing/social networking apps.

Some Important Facts and Figures About Streamzoo

Streamzoo currently boasts of more than 100,000 users for both iPhone and Android. Not bad for a new photo sharing app. Another thing to note here is that Streamzoo users are pretty active. The first time I uploaded a photo, I got a couple of likes in minutes.


Features of Streamzoo

Photo Enhancement

One of the best feature of Streamzoo is its photo enhancement facility. The app has 14 photo filter effects which is comparable with Instagram’s filter effects. I’ve tried using several of these filters and I can assure that most if not all of them adds flare to photos you’ve taken using your Android phone’s camera. These filters will definitely look better if your phone has advanced features.

screenshots of filters and borders

The app also has 15 border effects which further enhance photos. These borders vary from the simplest one to the most artsy and gothic style borders. Finally, the app also has Tilt Shift feature which is similar to what Instagram has. Tilt shift lets you create a shallow depth of field to highlight the subject of your photo. You can use several patterns to dictate the area on your photo which should remain highlighted. This is by far the best photo sharing feature of Streamzoo.

Social Feature

Streamzoo wouldn’t be a good app if it doesn’t have a social feature. As a matter of fact it does have a pretty good social sharing system. The app is deeply integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It allows you to autopost photos you share on those sites as well. The app also allows you to like and comment photos, follow streams via hashtags, receive notifications and direct messages.

screenshots of streamzoo follow

Additionally, the app also has a social gaming functionality. This is carried out by way of points awarded to you every time another user likes your photo and leave a comment. You can then use these points to compete with other Streamzoo users via a Leaderboard. As mentioned, Streamzoo also has the hashtag feature. This lets you tag photos you share using currently popular hashtags or by adding your own, which can become popular if other users start using it.

Other Features of Streamzoo

screenshots of streamzoo tilt shift and borders

The rest of the other features of Streamzoo have something to do with the app’s overall user interface and navigation. The app is easy to use does not have a steep learning curve. The icons used on the main menu are good-looking enough. The app also has an efficient map and geo-location feature. Other features worth noting including cross-platform compatibility, background uploading and Streamzoo’s own web interface which, if I may say so, is way better than Instagram’s simple web interface.

Finally, one feature which Instagram still has not included is video sharing. Streamzoo has this feature but right now it doesn’t have video editing capabilities. Perhaps in future updates, Streamzoo will be able to roll this out.

No Reason Not to Like Streamzoo

By now, you probably have guessed that I’m all praises for this app.  If not, well, I’m telling you now that this app made me not miss Instagram anymore. Thanks to Streamzoo, my search for an Instagram-like photo sharing app for Android has finally ended.

Streamzoo has all the features of a great photo sharing and social networking app.  The Android platform has to thank the developer of this app, for bringing it to the market and its also on iPhone too.

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