You know it, you love it and now you can wish it a very Happy Birthday. Yes, that snack treat consisting of sweet, white cream filling sandwiched between two circular chocolate pieces — the Oreo Cookie — is 100 years old today.

The company was first founded March 6, 1912 in Chelsea, New York. Owned by the Nabisco Division of Kraft Foods, over 491 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since they were first introduced. That makes them the best selling cookie of the 20th Century, hence its slogan “America’s Favorite Cookie.”

According to Wikipedia, the original design of the cookie was simpler than the current design, with a wreath around the edge of the cookie and the name “OREO” in the center. In the United States, they were first sold for 25 cents a pound in novelty cans with clear glass tops. A newer design for the cookie was introduced in 1924.A lemon filled variety was available briefly during the 1920s, but was discontinued.The modern-day Oreo design was developed in 1952, perhaps by William A. Turnier, to include the Nabisco logo.