Rumors are swirling in Chicago that the Cubs may have to trek down to the South Side to play there 2013 schedule in the White Sox’ U.S. Cellular Field while Wrigley Field is being renovated.

Beloved Wrigley is nearly 100 years old and could be due for major renovations soon, if Cubs brass can find the cash to do so. But to do the overhaul that the club would desire, the team may have to vacate the friendly confines for a season, and though Miller Park in Milwaukee may smell better than the South Side, heading 80 miles north just wouldn’t make near as much sense as going 10 miles south.

Look on the bright side, Cubs fans: the big problem with U.S. Cellular (besides being a charmless mountain of concrete) is that it’s full of White Sox fans who, presumably, would not show up to watch your crappy ballclub. So you’d have the run of the place.

In a report from NBC Chicago, Cubs officials denied that a deal for the temporary move was done, which of course does not mean they aren’t considering it.

A move to U.S. Cellular would probably do Cubs fans good in the long run. Watching a bad team in a bad stadium will make them that much more appreciative when they go back to watching their bad club play in a great stadium.

The big concern, however, is that the Cell has regular, individual urinals, so Cubs fans wouldn’t get do enjoy the traditional Wrigley Urinal Trough Slide.