Samuel L. Jackson has been named the highest-grossing actor of all time by The Guinness Book of World Records, according to the New York Daily News. Jackson, 62, has made over $7.42 billion over the span of his entire career.

Jackson got his big break in 1991 in the Spike Lee film, Jungle Fever. He played the crack head brother of Wesley Snipes. Since then the acclaimed actor has starred in over 100 films such asPulp FictionA Time To KillEve’s Bayou and Star Wars. You can see a more extensive list of his movie roles here.

The star does about three to four films a year. He filmed 6 movies in 2010, 4 in 2011 and is already cast for three movies next year in 2012. He is currently starring as Martin Luther King Jr. in the Broadway play, The Mountaintop.