Social Networking is Ironical in it’s name because it doesn’t bring people closer but creates big gaps in relationships with people who really matter the most in our life, Parents and Family. Spending lumps of time sitting in front of computer screen is not going to get you friends but living with them sharing happiness and spreading the joy does that. Facebook, Twitter etc. are good but not better!

The rift sometimes expands and can’t be solved with any efforts. There are many side-effects of staying stuck to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and Five most Deadly side-effects follow this paragraph.

1) It can degrade school Performance


A research conducted in United States over several children proved that students who use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites excessively had a low attention span and thus score low grades.

They should be used constructively but not like elixir without which you can’t survive.  Additction to anything is bad.

2) It can get you “fired”


Take me lightly, play some FarmVille or Words with Friends in the office and you will see the result. A pink slip despite of a promotion. I know how badly you miss your Friends and Relatives but during work Facebook should be avoided.

Recently, a research revealed that an more than 72% employees in every company spent 1-1.5 hours on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks during work.

3) It is bad manner to not show up


Just saying “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Marriage Anniversary” is not enough, being present with family and friends during rough conditions matters more than anything else.

You might disagree but Facebook is depriving you of society and social bonding. It may seem fun but its addictive and thus ought to be used in limit.

4) It is unhealthy to stay up all night long


Facebook is not the right place to seek new friends that could be there for you when you need them, yes it develops connection but not the one which we need, therefore communication with real people who live in your locality, study at coaching and work in following cubicles is much more important.

5) It’s Dangerous to show everything!


It is good if you want to share all your data, you birthday and latest pictures with strangers, but what if…? you know? what you are risking? … :(

Yeah i know that Facebook has privacy setting but when hackers can get your account password in a moment how long do you think it would take them to break security? What if… by fate your name spoils on the web for something you have no idea about, it sounds crazy but you never know.


I have no right to tell you what to do and what not to do, i can just say… as a friend that Social Networking Websites are great, Facebook is ultimate and Twitter is like your virtual world but excess of everything is bad!