gty casey anthony dm 1107011 wg Casey Anthony Released From Prison: Where Is She Headed?


In the brutal arbitrariness that is any system conducted by humans rather than computers, Troy Anthony Davis was executed in Georgia last night while Casey Anthony is free.

Many, especially on Twitter, have noted the racial element of the disparate outcomes. Said one person:  “Remember when people said if Casey Anthony was black…well, there we have it. Round of applause for living in a racist, ignorant world.”

Another person: “At least Casey Anthony is still alive, safe and warm and probably still white and cute.” And another: “If the death penalty has taught us anything today, it’s that Casey Anthony should’ve been black.”

Davis was executed with, reportedly, no physical evidence tying him to the fatal shooting of a police officer.

Yet it is the lack of physical evidence that resulted in acquittals for two other high profile cases: that of Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee; and that of two white New York City police officers accused of raping a woman they had escorted home after she had too much to drink.

Meanwhile, there was reportedly plenty of physical evidence tying to Dominique Strauss-Kahn to the sexual assault of a Guinean hotel housekeeper, but prosecutors dropped charges after they discovered the maid has “inconsistent stories” and had lied on her asylum application. Strauss-Kahn has admitted only to a sexual encounter and a “moral failing.”

Of course, there have been other high profile acquittals despite what seems overwhelming physical evidence: That of the police officers in both the Amadou Diallo and Rodney King cases. Let us not forget there’s even been an aquittal of a black man, O.J. Simpson, when there was plenty of physical evidence. But I’d be hard pressed to think of another black man going free under similar circumstances. (If you know of one, comment below.)