Ray J and Fabolous

Over the weekend, Las Vegas was filled with excitement in anticipation of Floyd Mayweather’s return. But Mayweather’s bout against Victor Ortiz wasn’t the only fight that went down.

There’s been rumors of an alleged scuffle that took place between Ray J and rapper Fabolous which ended with Ray in handcuffs.

Here’s what happened, according to Rap-Up.com:

It all began when HBO aired a clip of Ray J performing his hit “One Wish” at a party thrown by Floyd Mayweather. Upon watching it on television, Fabolous tweeted, “Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing ‘One Wish’ on the piano had me in tears!!”

The tweet was enough to send Ray J over the top. When he saw Fab in Vegas over the weekend, he confronted him at Diddy’s post-fight dinner. Following their exchange of words, they ran into each other again at the Palms Casino, where Fab was scheduled to perform.

While details were unknown a day ago, Ray J called into Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning show on Monday (September 19) … beginning by calling the rapper and his crew “punk f***ots,” and getting into details about what happened

“When you want to disrespect me and the Money Team, and we got seven Rolls-Royces outside and we just made 350 racks on the [fight]… Don’t disrespect me. I’ma smack you up again fool,” he exclaimed live on the air.

Ray was reportedly kicked out of his hotel and detained by police following the incident, but denies that he was injured during his altercation with Fab. In fact, he says Fabolous backed down after being threatened.

“When I seen him, I was with Floyd and 50 and he tried to say ‘Don’t touch me,’ and I touched that n****. Straight up, I’m not playing with him,” Ray J continued. “I swear to God he runnin’ from me right now. I had a hundred fools outside of Moon [nightclub]. He never left the club. He was scared up in there. He tried to call the police.

“They say Ray J got beat up? I socked that n**** in the face … one time,” he added. “All I’m saying is if you got Fab’s number, tell him to send a picture of his face right now.”

The interview continued, and a heated Ray J continued to go in on Fab. Listen to the full interview in its entirety below.