There are some positives to the on-line dating scene. Once on-line you have a choice of many people to compare yourself with. You might share the same interests such as sports, food, movies and favorite hangout spots. With some luck you can quickly be matched and on your way to fulfilling your heart’s desire. If for any reason you do not like your match, you can move on and try someone else. This all has to do with chemistry and compatibility but does not guarantee your match will blossom. Therefore, when deciding upon a match always use your instinct and past experiences to guide you through this process of re-inventing yourself since this is the only true path to your happiness.

Now we come to the bad part of on-line dating. This includes all those who use deceptive profiles just to reel a person in and then only to reveal their true characteristics. These examples include sending their photo but not a current one. This photo most of the time is a photo of them at an earlier age but not too early. Once you start exchanging photos you realize this person aged 10 years within a couple of days. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all age, with age comes maturity, with maturity comes experience. So please, post a current photo and avoid the deceptive lure. Next, we have the body type which on most sites gives you a choice of slim, average or a few extra pounds. Now this one is a little controversial, we know most women do not like advertising their weight so a little fudging (no pun intended) won’t hurt anyone. If your overweight, don’t say average or a few extra pounds, be honest and you will get an honest inquiry. Let your personality do the talking and you will find that honesty goes a long way in the on-line dating scene.

Now the fun part begins. Not really knowing who you are actually talking to can put a little pressure on you to be on your game. You are sitting there in front of your computer and an e-mail comes across inviting you to talk. You are hesitant at first but you find the courage to reply. After making contact with this person you are waiting to see who will initiate the conversation first. After all, you are two strangers who have met for the first time and thoughts of an intelligent conversation linger so you resort to the safe haven of saying “I like your profile” or “I like your photo”. These are okay starting points but do you really know what it is you want to say to let this person know you’re interested. Now the ugly part of on-line dating is when you meet someone and after a week of talking you feel like you’re getting the run around. Asking for a cell number is like pulling teeth, after all, you would like to put a voice to the person you have been chatting with all this time. This person with whom you have been spending time with was only there for one reason and that is to get into your wallet. Yeah I’m sorry to say, there are those who go on the on-line dating services just to pull a scam and use all sorts of tactics for you to fall in love with them, only to leave you penniless and broken hearted. Trust your instinct and don’t be quick to fall in love at the first sign of someone showing interest in you.

Let’s face it, we all want a quick fix to our dating situation. Knowing what to expect when we first meet that special someone on-line could help in the meeting process. Take it slow at first, it’s sort of like when your parents were young and when they went on their first date, holding hands was about as sexual as it got. The words I love you should not be used on first contact, this could be an indication that a scam is about to take place. On-line dating is a good service, but in the wrong hands it can be abused. These services do offer you the ability to block certain people but if you ever give out your cell number you are on your own to the constant abuse of this deranged person, so be careful.