Lil Wayne’s disses Jay-Z and threatens to kidnap Beyonce on “It’s Good,” a song that leaked today from the forthcoming Carter IV album.

Hip hop heads are buzzing about the lyrics, which are definitely pointed in Hova’s direction in a return salvo for the Weezy diss lines included on H*A*M.

The lyrics are somewhat obscure, but if you know the history, the words are quite suggestive.

Weezy has been simmering for months over the insult thrown in his direction by Jay on Watch the Throne.

Jay-Z took aim at Lil Wayne on H*A*M.

These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really​On H*A*M, Jay-Z raps these taunts at Young Money:

“I’m like really half a billi nigga
Really you got baby money
Keep it real with niggas
niggas ain’t got my lady money”

The “half a billi” sounds like a reference to Weezy’s breakout hit “A Milli,” and the “Baby money” line is an allusion to The Birdman, AKA Baby, who is Lil Wayne’s mentor and father figure.

Now Weezy has responded, with these lines off “It’s Good”:

“Talk about baby money, I got your baby money.
Kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga.
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga.
I’m a grown ass blood, stop playing with me”

Lil Wayne is a grown ass blood, he don’t mess around.

​The “baby money” line is the trigger that he’s now firing back at Hova. Which means “kidnap your bitch” refers to Beyonce, who does a guest spot on Watch the Throne.

So Weezy is basically saying he’s going to kidnap Beyonce and hold her for ransom.

Oh shit, it’s on now.