They say silence is the best answer for a fool,

But it also often make one look like the fool.

Be swift to hear but be slow to speak,

Do that! And you would be termed weak.


My silence could be my weakness,

But my silence is also my strength.

It’s a deadly weapon in my closet, 

And a vital tool in my back pocket.

When I’m silent, no one knows my mind,

No one can tell what I’m thinking about.

My intentions no one will be able to find,

And my deep secrets none would figure out.

Whosoever keeps his own tongue is wise,

But saying the right words is twice as nice.

That is why I filter out my thoughts nicely,

So I could open my mouth and talk wisely.


My words mean so much to me,

That’s why I carefully choose them.

Each & every time I open up my mouth,

I make sure what comes out is wisdom.

Words said is like broken a broken egg,

It can’t be picked up and put together.

Apologies can’t take it back when you beg,

It has gone forth, never to return forever.


Actions they say speak louder than words,

So I invest in my actions and save my words.

I raise my actions pitch over that of my voice,

Because loud voices often comes out as noise.


Many words don’t make one justified,

So I say words that make others edified.

I’m silent doesn’t mean that I’m clueless,

It’s certainly not a sign of my weakness.


I might be quiet, but definitely not slow,

I might be silent, but obviously not dumb.

My silence is my secret you’ve always wanted know,

My silence is what makes me explode like a bomb.

© DK, December 2010