I hate being alone,

But, I love my personal space.

I don’t like answering my phone,

Yet, loneliness is written on my face.

I like to be me & do things on my own,

And still, I don’t wanna be all alone.

My laptop is my companion,

TV has become my best friend,

Coz it stays quiet until I turn it on,

And stops when I want the talking to end.

I simply get to control it & take dominion,

With no apologies: No hard feelings.

This is the major issue with me:

I want to be happy, but also be free.

Routines end up getting to bore me,

Coz I’m as random as I could ever be.

I like to explore the new things I see,

Spontaneous; not a freak, that’s me.

I wanna know how it feels to be in love,

But I just don’t know if I can sacrifice.

I wanna sell my heart in the name of love,

But I’m not sure if anyone can pay the price.

I wanna be myself & I also wanna be in love,

But it seems impossible, that’s why my heart cries.

It is like being hungry & full, all at once.

Like crying & laughing at the same time.

A part of me tells me I want somebody,

But the other part of me says I need nobody,

Coz my happiness shouldn’t depend on anybody,

And now, I don’t know what I want anymore.

© DK, Nov 2010