Have a plan for regular times to meet.

No relationship can endure forever without some personal contact. Even if it is not as frequently as you would like, having a plan for some times to be in the same place at the same time are needed. By having a plan in place, it gives both partners something to look forward to during the long periods of separation. Knowing that you will be seeing your partner can give you the strength to resist looking for other people to take his or her place. Long distance relationships benefit greatly from this type of focus.

Keep in contact everyday if possible.

With all of the modern electronic communication devices today, this type of contact is not very hard to achieve. While email, instant messaging, and texting all have merit, a good old fashioned phone can is still the best way to communicate when having a distance relationship. If it is possible to hear the other person’s voice, you can tell a lot about emotions and feelings over the phone lines.

This is not always possible because of cost if international calling is involved, but it is still a significant step up from writing to each other. Written words are good, but misunderstanding their intent is easier than with voice communication. This is even more true with all of the shorthand writing being employed electronically today. If all else fails, writing a letter is better than no communication at all.

Keep a symbol of your partner with you at all times.

This can be a ring, bracelet, or necklace. For some, there may be other emblems that are even more empowering, but these are more traditional. By carrying this symbol with you, you are constantly reminded of your affection for the other person and your commitment to the relationship. It can also be a signal to others that you are off of the market. Using this type of reminder makes it easier to say no to temptations.

Have recent pictures of your significant other at work and at home in obvious places.

Looking at these pictures serves to remind you about what you have on the other end of the distance between you. It is not for comparison purposes, but to keep your affections fueled for your partner. Use the pictures to trigger good memories and dreams of your partner. This along with set meeting times can keep you at a high level of interest in your distant loved one.

You do not want to let your affection for him or her cool too much between meetings. Since these meetings may be relatively short compared to the time apart, it is critical that it does not take much time to get back into the one on one personal relationship when you are together.

Send small gifts and cards to each other between visits.

Receiving something from the one that you care about helps stoke the flames of romance. It does not have to be a great big or expensive item. In fact, several small tokens can be more meaningful than a large expenditure. Cute or romantic cards are great because they can be displayed and shared. This keeps you a part of your partner’s daily life on the other end of your relationship.