Top 5 Things Men Do that Destroy Relationships:

1.     Not Answering the Phone: 

When a man doesn’t answer the phone, especially at certain times of the day, it causes suspicion in a woman’s mind.

2.     Walk Your Talk: 

If a man says he is going to do something, then he needs to make sure that he does it. Don’t give empty promises.

 3.     Learn to say “I Don’t Know”: 

 When it comes to a man’s ego, they can’t stand to say “I DON’T KNOW!!!” Women can’t stand when a man thinks he knows EVERYTHING!!! It is okay to “Google it” if you don’t know.

4.     Hogging the Remote: 

When a man just takes complete control over the TV, it’s a simple sign that a man is not interested in the things that his woman likes. Watching sports is cool but not 24\7.

5.     Bringing Up Weight: 

A woman doesn’t need her man to constantly remind her that she needs to hit the gym. A woman realizes that she has gained a few pounds when the 1st pound hits. Also by a man always bringing up a woman’s weight, it makes it seem that all he cares about is the way she looks and not what she has to offer.


Top 5 Things Women Do to Destroy Relationships: 

1.     The “WHERE ARE YOU” question: 

When a woman calls a man and the first thing she asks him is “WHERE ARE YOU???” That is annoying. If the woman is asking for a specific reason then that’s understandable but to ask a man who all the time shows that a woman doesn’t trust her man when he’s not with her.

2.     The “Who You Talking To” question:

 When a man is on the phone and this question is asked, men find this to be very rude. Asking these question co-insides with the above question, it shows that a woman doesn’t trust her man and makes a woman appear to be nosy.

3.     Nagging: 

When a woman starts nagging about nothing. If a man hasn’t done what you want him to do and you nag him about it, it’s really not going to get done once a woman starts nagging.

4.     Holding a Grudge: 

When a woman holds a grudge and then tries to bring up all the old stuff in a new argument that drives a man crazy and makes him non-responsive.

5.     Allowing a Man Time to Breathe: 

 Men need time by themselves, to be with friends and family. Men need to feel independent. When a woman doesn’t give a man time to himself then he feels suffocated.